Jessie J Flashes Her Pants for Fans During Her Gig

admin1 July 29, 2013 Comments Off on Jessie J Flashes Her Pants for Fans During Her Gig

The 25 year old singer Jessie J created quite an impact with her attire that offered her fans an eyeful during her gig at Liverpool this Saturday.

The wild singer wore a revealing string top that had a netted design and the one piece dress rode up to offer a cheeky look for her fans. She announced that she was quitter her role as the judge of The Voice, the talent show on TV as she wanted to focus more on her music career.

Jessie J

Jessie wore the netted top for the live performance of radio city and was unfazed to let her fans have a look of her pants. She even thrust her rear out for her fans during the performance. The singer teamed up the dress with a pair of trainers in matching white shade which completed her look in one piece. The blonde haired singer caught the attention of the music loving crowd when she showed off her stuff on stage.

She had already dyed her hair in shades of blue and then in purple to make a statement through her style. She has been performing all over UK this summer and have plans to perform at V festival in August.

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