Jessie J Quits UK to Live the American Dream

admin September 25, 2013 Comments Off on Jessie J Quits UK to Live the American Dream

Singer Jessie J’s album will not be released in the United States but she hopes to release a single by 2014. Therefore, we will not be seeing much of her.

Don’t get upset that Jessie is going to cover herself more than in her pair of skimpy shorts. But the singer would be quitting UK by 2014. The 25-year-old singer has plans to stick to her plan of moving across to make a career launch by the States after her American tour with her pal Robin Thicke, the Blurred Lines star.


The It’s My Party singer, while talking about her iTunes gig, said that the US market is a big one to break and is different a one altogether. The singer, who dazzled in white hot pants, said that she does not like to do any work half-heartedly. Therefore, she will not do the US show until she has settled there.

So she wishes to live there next year. She already has been on a house hunt on the East coast rather than on the West coast where she lived while she was working for Sony at age 17. She said that she likes to reside in New York even though it is easier while living in LA.

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