John Mayer Pampers Katy Perry By Dedicating Love Song

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John Mayer displays his love for Katy Perry in public. The rocker, John were all smiles when he spoke about his lady love once again during the kickoff night of the Born and Raised tour that was held at Milwaukee on Saturday night. John expressed his gratitude to his fellow singer for the support she offered during a throat surgery he had in August 2012.

He said that Katy is much more incredible than he had thought. As he had a throat surgery, he didn’t have a voice which was coped up by the teenage dream singer as she would speak on behalf of him. The singer went on confessing his feeling as Katy looked on from the mixing board of the venue. He also added that Katy Perry would order for him, express his affection for his visitors and would tell people what he felt.

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He also said that while he was in Montana for recording his latest album, the cell phone service was very bad and this issue or the distance between them have never hindered their love. He also recounted that Katy was patient enough as she waited to love him and know him better. He then dedicated “A face to call home” from his album, born and raised to Katy that made the crowd to cheer.

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