Katherine Jenkins Breaks up with Adam Bidwell

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Katherine Jenkins has split from her six-months-boyfriend Adam Bidwell who is also a stockbroker.

Her friends say that the 33-year-old Welsh singer was very sad but was moving on after her split up with Adam who is one among the close buddies of Prince Harry.

Katherine Jenkins Adam Bidwell

The work commitments of Adam and his training sessions for charity boxing match have taken a toll over their relationship. These two factors have greatly affected his love life with the mezzo-soprano very badly.

Sources said Adam has been training hard for this match of boxing that he was totally lost in it. These two sessions left their relationship on the rocks as it pressurized the relationship too much.

Though it was Kath’s decision to split, she will remain a close friend and will continue to support him in all his endeavours. However, sources say that she is very sad and is nursing her broken heart.

37-year-old Adam is going to fight Fred Andrews, the son-in-law of ship broker Richard Branson this 21st September for Boodles Boxing Ball – A black-tie fundraiser. Sources say that Katherine will be cheering him during the boxing match.

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