Lady Gaga Releases Her Single Aura for Fans

admin October 18, 2013 Comments Off on Lady Gaga Releases Her Single Aura for Fans

Lady Gaga offers a taste of her latest single Aura as she released the trailer for her latest film, Machete Kills on the Internet.

Now all the fans’ attention is focussed on the ARTPOP singer’s latest song as the full music video directed by Robert Rodriguez has been released.


The clip features various scenes and some dialogue bits from the movie. The clip also had the lyric video of the hit song by Gaga. Therefore, when you get a peek of Machete Kills, you can practice the lyrics of the track.

Lady Gaga has already announced to her music followers and fans about her debut film Machete Kills in which she would be acting through her twitter account.

The sequel to the 2010 B movie slaughterfest that had a star cast of Danny Trejo who donned the role of former Mexican Federale who was out for revenge. In this campy film, Gaga dons the role of Lady Chameleon. This film is expected to hit the theatres by Oct 11.

The star cast of the film includes Jessica Alba, Cuba Gooding Jr., Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas, Carlos Estevez, Michelle Rodriguez, Amber Heard and Alex Vega.

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