Miley Cyrus Sports Black and Gold Dress for UK Performance

admin November 20, 2013 Comments Off on Miley Cyrus Sports Black and Gold Dress for UK Performance

Miley Cyrus is creating headlines again but for a good reason that she is fully dressed.

The singer who loves to show her naked skin performed her popular number, “Wrecking Ball” at The X Factor U.K this Sunday, 17th November.


Miley sported a black colored Brick Lane Street turban and adorned a slinky gold dress of full length by Marc Jacobs.

While Ms. Cyrus sang there were no foam fingers, teddy bears or small people dancing along with her. There was a video that played behind her, which featured Miley climb on a big sand mountain while buildings exploded. Her subdued performance, which was a different one made the audience to appreciate her with a standing ovation.

The 20-year-old tweeted that she was not well on Twitter but she powered the stage with an electrifying performance. However, some twitter critics did not find it impressive and criticised for her vocal quality during the performance.

This Monday the singer announced that she was taking a vocal rest and was tucking in Chanel pastry for breakfast. We hope that she gets back to normal mode faster as she would be 21 years on 23rd this November.

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