Mutya Gets Back to Sugababes But Has a Bit of Problem with Her Rear

admin1 July 18, 2013 Comments Off on Mutya Gets Back to Sugababes But Has a Bit of Problem with Her Rear

It looks like original Sugababes are back this season with Mutya joining the gang. The British pop act members have reformed with a new name Mutya Keisha Siobhan or MKS and were filming their first single video, Flatline together.

While other two were dressed in pants, Mutya sported a tiny shorts of denim that offer an unnatural look of her buttocks that was well visible on the legs covered with tattoo.


The trio were happy to be back again and were chatting happily during the filming session and offered a group hug as soon as they finished filming. The video was shot on the white sand shores of Venice beach in California and the girls were smiling as they danced to the rhythm of music in the surf.

Later they shot a few scenes on the deckchairs before they posed with surfboards at the backdrop of graffiti daubed beach wall which is a popular location in the beach.

Keisha looked good in a black beret top with high topped jeans while the slim Siobhan flaunted a tied up shirt with checks. The girls made an announcement earlier this month that they are yet to name the new album that is planning to release and Flatline is the first single from it.

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