Pregnancy Rumours Slammed by Team Beyonce

admin June 6, 2013 Comments Off on Pregnancy Rumours Slammed by Team Beyonce

Rumours were about to re-surface related to Beyonce being pregnant with her second child, but her team of representatives squashed all of that and said that the singer is not expecting another child this soon.

It all started when the singer cancelled her Antwerp show due to extreme dehydration and exhaustion. Last week she shared a photo of hers having a good time in Berlin with Jay-Z , but to make sure that things stay safe, her representatives came out with all their knives out.


Reportedly, Team Beyonce was also quoted in saying that the couple would definitely like to have another baby, but at the right time and requested the gossip mills not to spread such rumours any further.

Beyonce is yet to say anything on this topic, though she’s busy providing a number of pictures of hers as hints to her fans on her Tumblr account. Apart from the snapshot she provided earlier on 31st May, there was another dinner menu photo of a visibly featured “salad nicoise”. For a pregnant woman, tuna is considered to be a controversial food because of its high mercury content.

During her recent world tour, she wore a number of skin-tight catsuits and did some intense choreography, providing ample proof that this news is completely false.

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