Rita Ora plans a duet with Justin Timberlake

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It looks like Rita Ora has to get her a perfect suit and tie.

Rita Ora seems to have a perfect plan to duet with Justin Timberlake after she got cosy with Jessica Biel, Timberlake’s missus while enjoying his performance at wireless festival by Yahoo this weekend. Both ladies were standing next to each other while the show was on watching the electrifying performance of Timberlake.

Sources stated that Rita and Jessica got along really well as they were adoring the performance of Justin as he played on. The sources also revealed that Jessica saw how engrossed was Rita with the performance of her husband, Timberlake and began to chat with her. The duo was spotted happily chatting with each other and this is where they might have thought about the potential duet.

Rita Ora

Jessica later passed a word about Rita to her husband, Justin and now it seems that Rita and Justin Timberlake would be playing together a duet very soon. Rita already has another biggie up her sleeve, Jay Z, her very own label boss along with show stopper Justin, who was responsible of the collaboration with top hit single, Suit and Tie.

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