Rocker Liam Gallagher Gets Awakening Call from Locksmith

admin1 July 25, 2013 Comments Off on Rocker Liam Gallagher Gets Awakening Call from Locksmith

Liam Gallagher whose marriage life with Nicole Appleton is on the verge of the break following the claims that he was the secret father of a baby had an encounter with the locksmith at 9 am.

But there is no need for him to get worried about Nicole changing the locks for their mansion located in Hampstead, North London as the locksmith was called only to mend a lock.


Liam’s 47 year old brother, Paul was staying at the mansion while he and 38 year old Nicole were away while the bolt of the gate became jammed. The 40 year old Ex-Oasis singer Liam is back recently from a bender in Ibiza and he was shirtless when he came out to pay the locksmith.

Liam has been highly disturbed by the claims that he has secretly fathered a baby daughter, Gemma with 39 year old US journalist Liza Gorbhani. She brought this issue to lime light and later filed a paternity suit in New York.

The rocker admitted that it is his baby and the tot was good looking as it had his rock star genes. His distraught wife Nicole is now holidaying with their 12 year old son Gene in Florida.

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