“The Commitments” to Be Made Into a Musical Now

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Roddy Doyle’s best-selling book The Commitments is getting ready for West End this year. The book was earlier made into a film by Alan Parker back in 1991.

The novel about a group of unemployed young people from Dublin forming a soul band will be opening at Palace Theatre on October 8.

The movie’s script was co-written by Doyle but was not inclined to adapt it for the stage.

The author was not a big fan of musicals, but later changed his opinion after watching “Jersey Boys”. Also played a big part in it was the on-screen success of “The Commitments”.

Roddy Doyle's

He was recently quoted saying that musicals like “The Sound of Music” make the male members in his house, including the dogs to walk out of the room. The only living beings that remain during the running of the movie are the female members who “stay and cry”.

Set in 1986’s Dublin, the musical will feature an Irish cast within the age of 21. Also the soundtrack will be mainly composed of soul classics.

The actors will be asked to play the instruments so as to keep the novel’s raw energy. The musical’s director Jamie Lloyd stated that the actors are quite young and many of them haven’t acted before in a play.

Also, they are mainly attracting the young-audience so as to keep the young energy at play during the performance. They are offering the first 100,000 tickets at $15 to bring in the young crowd.

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