Trespassing Paparazzi: Kim Calls Cops While Kris Makes a Chase!

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Beware Paparazzi! Never ever show up to the Kris Jenner’s property uninvited. New mom Kim Kardashian spotted a photographer trespassing in the private property of Bruce and Kris Jenner where she was staying along with hubby Kanye West and her baby North West.

A video posted by Kim showed Kendall Jenner capturing the movements of the paparazzo inside their home and her fearless mom Kris playing the defence. Kim says in the video that there is paparazzo snuck there within their gated community.

Trespassing Paparazzi

She also hands her phone to a person to someone called Julian and said to take her mobile phone as she did not want to go outside.

The video also shows her mom Kris Jenner running barefoot out of the door as she treks across the yard and makes her way to the bushes in search of the trespassing shutterbug. But her search went in vain as she lost the paparazzo in action.

Kim posted this video as she tweeted that she called the cops. Sources later confirmed the news by saying that this is the second time that someone was spotted within the gated community and the family had filed a complaint with the L.A. Sheriff’s department.

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