Ariana Grande Puts a Stop to Her Eating Disorder Rumors

admin June 18, 2013 Comments Off on Ariana Grande Puts a Stop to Her Eating Disorder Rumors

Ariana Grande has dispelled all the eating disorder rumors around her with her Tumblr account. The long time followers of Ariana would have noticed that she has lost lot of weight. This dramatic slim look had triggered lot of concerns and rumors around her which claimed she suffered from a severe medical condition and she has an eating disorder. The victorious actress took the help of her Tumblr account to express her thanks to all her concerned fans and said that since the rumors were getting out of hand, she decided to speak about it.

Ariana Grande

The star of nickelodeon also said that she had lost lot of weight as she had made a bit of change in her lifestyle by banning junk food away and substituting with healthy choices. She also added that she never had the idea of getting a skinnier look but the reason for her weight loss was cutting down the junk food which she devoured previously. With a change in her eating habits and work outs every day, Grande was able to overcome hypoglycemia and enjoyed an improved health.

She also added that she is a spiritual person and liked all religion as many had raised concerns after she sported a red string for kabbalah.

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