Robert Leaves the Relationship and Then Kristen’s Home!

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Though Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart seem unhappy at their break-up, the live-in couple showed no signs of being happy in each other’s company either. The lingering hope of the love birds getting back together seemed all crushed as Pattinson moved out all his belongings from Kristen Stewart’s home at Los Feliz.

The Twilight actor was spotted on Sunday getting a truck loaded with all his stuffs, as he was leaving Stewart’s place. However, he did not come out in a happy face.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

The actor’s appearance spoke all about the reclusive existence he had been in. He sported a bushy beard. Soon after his birthday, which was on the 13th this month, Robert planned to pack his bag before he hit the roads.

It has been disclosed by a source claiming closeness to the broken up couple that Kristen had gone “out of her way” just in order that “Rob’s birthday” became “super special”.

The Twilight actress had invited all the friends over to swimming and her plans included hanging out late into the afternoon and evening. It was in “the last minute” when the actor refused to make the birthday a really “big deal” as all he was planning to do was hanging out “with the guys”.

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