Selena Uses Bieber for the Publicity of Her Music Album

admin June 7, 2013 Comments Off on Selena Uses Bieber for the Publicity of Her Music Album

Can it really be in Selena’s scruples to use Justin Bieber for her career? However queer and unscrupulous this may sound, latest gossip news says something of the kind!

Yes, it true that Selena Gomez has grabbed good attention for her new music album soon after the relationship break with Justin Bieber was tossed in the air. The blame, however, cannot be put on her solely. Gomez and Bieber had been together until the start of the year. It then went as a rumour that Bieber had started seeing random chicks.

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The news is that Gomez is making use of their relationship status for publicity, due most likely to the advantage that she gets in being associated with the Justin Bieber. It is true that Selena’s Music is good, but it is far from being spectacular. It is only because Justin Bieber’s name comes associated with that of Selena Gomez that her music is gaining huge attention, and on the quality of the music solely. It is quite understandable that Selena Gomez cannot be as huge a musical star, if she goes out of the advantageous position of having links with Bieber.

A source says that it is beneficial for her because Bieber has become the “Michael Jackson” of the “era”. The source does not step back from admitting that even Selena has got talent and that “she’ll be okay”.

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