Another Star Added to Hollywood Walk of Fame by Backstreet Boys

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The highly popular American Band ‘Backstreet Boys’ was honoured at Hollywood Walk of Fame with 2,485th star. The band made its debut in the year 1993 on 23rd April and received the star on 22nd April, 2013. Families, fans and producer of the band Max Martin were all present at the ceremony for supporting the members of the band which include Kevin Richardson, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, A.J. McLean and Brian Littrell. Most of the band members were looking quite emotional during this ceremony.

Backstreet Boys

A.J. even said that he loves all his fans and apart from his wedding day and daughter’s birth this is the day he will cherish most for the rest of his life. Nick also said that he never even imagined that this thing would ever have happened. The joking nature of Brian was quite evident after he said that throughout his life he never allowed to be walked on but doesn’t mind this one.

It was all very emotional at the event and everybody was happy to be together once again. It was last year that members of Backstreet Boys reunited with each other which even marks their twenty years together. They will celebrate their twentieth anniversary with a concert on Saturday and start another tour in the month of May. A new album is about to be launched this summer and in the year 2014 they are expected to launch a music documentary.

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