Clay Travis – Once a Blogger, Now a One-man Sports Media Brand Name

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The past 8 years have witnessed the progress of Clay Travis from a blogger and aspirant author to the focus of a sports media brand.

Earlier when his profession of a pro football reporter would bring him to Nashville, John McClain would face questions like what Titans stars Eddie George and Steve McNair were like in real life. Now when his present profession as a columnist for Houston Chronicle brings him to Nashville, he faces similar questions but on Clay Travis and Titans stars.


Travis is one-third of the ‘3HL’ on-air team, which is a ratings-dominating noon time rush-hour show aired by the Nashville station, 104.5 The Zone.

His website has a well-paid licensing contract with Fox Sports plus Travis is part of the first college football show broadcasted by Fox Sports 1.

He’s made social media sensations out of YouTube videos of Nashville. He’s taken on all controversial sports topics imaginable and he’s shown a certain flair for provoking wrath that all great sports commentators have. He’s now a full-blown celebrity.

Travis has really come a long way from the days when being displeased with practicing law he began writing his foremost sports book titled Dixieland Delight.

He got hold of cheap tickets, slept on his friends’ couches and went to all of the 12 SEC sports grounds for approximately $3,000 during the fall of the year 2006 for this book that is on the football culture of this region. The book’s success and his increasing audience as a columnist with gave footing to his career.

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