Justin Bieber Banned for Life from Las Vegas Indoor Sky Diving

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Justin Bieber has another place on his lists that have banned him from entering. The new addition to the list is an indoor sky diving facility located at Las Vegas.

This Indoor sky diving confirmed that Bieber was banned for life as the singer, who made use of the facility later walked out of the deal that he and the company had entered.

Justin Bieber

Sources also revealed to E! News that the Bieber along with six others arrived few minutes before closing and when he was asked about the payment given the option of spending $1600 for him and his team mates or making use of the shout out facility and a mid flight photo of him added to his account with Instagram.

The 20-year old pop star had agreed to the option of posting his photo on the Instagram account instead of the payment. But Indoor sky diving facility did not get the publicity worth $1600 as the company said that Bieber had faked like posting according to the agreement but he never posted.

Also it revealed that the singer and his group were not friendly and were disrespectful. There were no comments from the singer’s side.

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