Justin Bieber Loses Mally to the Munich Animal Shelter

admin April 24, 2013 Comments Off on Justin Bieber Loses Mally to the Munich Animal Shelter

Mally, the pet Capuchin monkey of Justin Bieber has been confiscated by the Munich animal shelter on March 28. It has been reported by the German authorities that the seventeen week old monkey would stay back at the animal shelter for the time despite the singer’s plea to move it to a zoo. The animal had been held back as Bieber had failed to produce forth the papers while on a tour in Munich.

On the other hand, Judith Brettmeister, a spokesperson from the Munich animal shelter, has expressed doubt on the emails that the office received from the singer’s management company. Brettmeister could not confirm if the emails were from the management. The Munich shelter spokesperson has reported the news to The Associated Press on Monday.

Justin Bieber

The email that requested confirmation was not immediately answered by the representative of Bieber. The first email, Brettmeister points out, asked the period within which the singer should produce the papers before euthanizing the animal.

Meister has confirmed that Bieber would have to produce the papers before May 17, failing which he would lose the authority to own the monkey. The animal would then go under the ownership of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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