Jon and Rinna Eliminated from Celebrity Apprentice 2013

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Lil Jon and Lisa Rinna were eliminated from Celebrity Apprentice 2013. The twelfth episode started with the final four getting a call back to the boardroom so as to plead and give enough reason to why they should be in the finals.

Both Rinna and Jon were not convincing enough, compared to the other two and Trump was quick enough to get rid of them to proceed with the final stages of the competition. Trace Adkins and Penn Jilette were the lucky two at the end and will be competing for the top crown.

Lisa RinnaLil Jon and Lisa Rinna

The final two were given the task of creating a new ice-cream flavor for the Walgreens Delish brand, produce a video for its promotion and raise fund for the event where the new flavor will be launched. To help Trace and Penn in completing the task, 6 of the previously eliminated contestants were called-in along with Rinna and Jon.

It was later revealed that Penn decided to do a “social Vegas styled” ice-cream with the  “Vanilla Chocolate Magic Swirtle” and then making some calls to get celebrity appearances and donations.

He also got hold of some showgirls and Teller, his partner, to do the commercial. The rest will get aired on the May 19th finale, where the name of the winner will also be declared.

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